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* Do you know what the Reverse DNS service is?

Suggested article: What is Reverse DNS?

The Reverse DNS is a service, a part of your typical managed DNS plan, and it allows reverse lookups. It is also known as rDNS and does the opposite to a Forward DNS, which maps IP addresses to hostnames.

In short:

  • Reverse DNS - An IP address is pointing to a domain name to verify it belongs to it.

The Reverse DNS zones serve to host PTR records that can be used for verification purposes, to check the IP addresses and if they lead to the correct hostnames. If you want to verify the outgoing mail servers you will need the PTR records and the Reverse Zone. There will be a check for both the PTR records and the A records during the process.

You should care about Reverse DNS if:

  • You want your emails to arrive at their destination and check the incoming mail server to finish successfully.
  • If you are an IP network owner, you will need it to do reverse lookups.

On the following page, you can find out more about the Reverse DNS service!